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Jersey Cattle Farm Internet Web Sites
United States--Western
Chaneys Dairy Barn--Kentucky
Waverly Farm--Virginia
Huffard Dairy Farms--Virginia
Brentwood Farms--California
Frerichs Dairy--Texas
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Youngs Jersey Dairy--Ohio
Stryk Jersey Farm--Texas
Goodnow Jersey Farm--Maine
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Dexter Corner Mini Jerseys--Illinois
High Lawn Farm--Massachusetts
Stoney Croft Farm--New Jersey
Sugarbush Farm--Vermont
Billings Farms--Vermont
Echo Farm--New Hampshire
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Bush River Farm--South Carolina
Dairy Heifers Online--Minnesota
Mason Farm--Idaho
Bellwether Farms--California
Lyon Jersey Farm--Iowa
Lakeview Jersey Dairy--Missouri
Meadow Creek Dairy--Virginia
Molly Brook Farm--Vermont
The Cattle Store--California
Rockin Robin Ranch--Arizona
Golden Bucket Jersey Farm--Ohio
Amazing Graze Jersey Farm--Ohio
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United States--Eastern
Avon Road Jersey Farm--Wisconsin
Biltmore Farms--North Carolina
Buckeye Grove Farm--Ohio
Covington Jerseys--Iowa
Kueffner Holsteins and Jerseys--Maryland
Senn-Sational Jerseys--South Carolina
Runamuck Farm--Vermont
Spring Brook Farm--Vermont
Rosewood Jerseys--Indiana
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Family Hill Jerseys--Washington
Heartland Jerseys--Kansas
Dala Jerseys--Kansas
California Polytechnic Dairy--California
Knolle Creekside Guest House and Jerseys--Texas
Iowa State University Dairy--Iowa
Oregon State University Dairy--Oregon
Arethusa Farm--Connecticut
Budjon Farm--Wisconsin
Blythedale Farm--Vermont
Cobb Hill Cheese--Vermont
Cornerstone Farm--Virginia
Cook Farm--Massachusetts
Grafton Village Cheese--Vermont
Mapleline Farm--Massachusetts
Netherall Jerseys--Michigan
Orb Weaver Farm--Vermont
Rocky Retreat Bed and Breakfast/Dogwood Hill Jerseys--South Carolina
Stan-Mar_Dale/Express/Morgan Jerseys--Ohio
Sweet Grass Dairy--Georgia
Thistle Hill Farm Cheese-Vermont
University of Tennessee Dairy Experiment Station--Tennessee
Virginia Tech University--Virginia
Huronia Centurion Veronica--April 2005--Arethusa Farm--Connecticut
Tenn Haug Maid--August 2004--Sunset Canyon--Oregon
Cottonwood Merry Violet--August 2004--Maack Dairy--Oregon
Gil Bar Farm--Wisconsin
Goldenrod Farm--Maine
Hedgebrook Farms--Virginia
Woodside Farm--Delaware
Tanglewood Farm--Georgia
Yellow Branch Cheese--North Carolina
Hesters Farm--Indiana
M and B Farview Farms--Pennsylvania
Appleton Farms--Massachusetts
Oregon Gourmet Cheeses--Oregon
Three Mile Canyon Farms LLC--Oregon
Brown Cow Farm--California
Bridon Juno Bango--April 2005--
at Cedar Lane Farms, New Jersey.  Three consecutive records over 2000 lbs. bf.
D and E Jerseys--California
LLolyn Jude Griffen at the All American November 2005
Top six cows, Jersey Jug, 2005, after milkout
cows in Jersey Jug, 14 through 7, before milkout, 2005
Exels Dairy--California
Buckeye Grove Farm Cheese--Ohio
Ratliff Jerseys--Kansas
Huronia Centurion Veronica--August 2006--Arethusa Farm--Connecticut--openhouse
Lavon Farms--Luckylayla--Texas
Locations of visitors to this page
Jersey Knoll Dairy--Missouri
Cato Corners Farm--Connecticut
Deerfield Farm--Connecticut
Berry College--Georgia
Ropp Farms--Illinois
Spring Valley Farm--Illinois
River Valley Farms--Illinois
White Jersey Farms-Indiana
Den-Kel Jerseys--New York
Clover Field Jerseys--Michigan
St. Brigids Farm--Maryland
Stoney Point Farm--Maryland
Highland Farms--Maine
University of Connecticut--Connecticut
Knapp Time Jerseys--Iowa
or Lyon Jerseys--Iowa
Wormont Dairy--New York
Lucky L Jerseys--North Carolina
Grammer Jersey Farm--Ohio
Hillacres Jerseys--Pennsylvania
Hapalson Jersey Farm--Michigan
Housley Dairy Farm--Tennessee
Jemi Jerseys--Pennsylvania
Beaver Brook Farm--Connecticut
Brookford Farm--New Hampshire
Beloved Farm--Ohio
Shining Star Dairy Cattle--Wisconsin
Sparkmans Dairy--Georgia
Xanadu Jerseys--Pennsylvania
Milky Way Farm--South Carolina
Gaby Jersey Farm--Tennessee
Whites Jersey Dairy--South Carolina
Wilsonview Dairy Inc.--Oregon
Spring Hill Cheese Company--California
Ballard Farm Dairy--Idaho
Dream Catcher Farm--Texas
Claravale Farm--California
Roses Isle Farms--Colorado
Holt Creek Jerseys--Nebraska