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This internet zone is dedicated to the origin, history, and increasing popularity of the world's cow, the Jersey.  The breed has been nutured, developed, preserved, and improved for hundreds of  years on the Channel Island of Jersey.  The breed spread throughout the world by ship captains who took the smaller cows for an on board supply of fresh milk for their journey from Europe to all parts of the globe.  Today Jersyes are found on all continents and in all extremes of climate, where they are enjoying a renewed popularity as efficient producers of high solids milk containing lots of protein as well as butterfat, aproduct ideally suited for either whole milk consumption or manufacturing of cheese, butter, ice cream, or yogurt.
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Greenridge Berretta Accent              AJCA
3-11 yrs  305 days 35230 milk 6.9% 1685 butterfat 4.1% 1275 protein  2X
3-11 yrs  365 days 41610 milk 4.7% 1943 butterfat 3.6% 1501 protein  3X